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Through our partnership with Berlin Space Technology (BST), SATLANTIS offers the innovative microsatellite RETINAS-70 for earth observation. RETINAS-70 includes our high resolution camera iSIM-170 Precision on board a new generation platform, LEOS-50HR, from BST based on their successful LEOS-50, serving public national clients like Singapore or Egypt.

RETINAS-70 offers an integral solution for a low cost, powerful, compact and agile microsatellite constellation, especially designed to monitor linear structures on the Earth’s surface from LEO with unparalleled precision and in real time.

GRD [m] 1.1
Swath Width [km] 7.5
Spectral Bands 5 (PAN, RGB, NIR)
Mass [kg] 70
Dimensions [cm] 50x50x65


SATLANTIS is also developing the new RETINAS-25 in partnership with a cubesat manufacturer leader in Europe. RETINAS-25 uses our compact camera iSIM-90 on board a 12U cubesat platform. RETINAS-25 will offer an extremely packed and low total cost solution, but keeping a high resolution capability for earth observation from LEO.

GRD [m] 2.1
Swath Width [km] 11
Spectral Bands 5 (PAN, RGB, NIR)
Mass [kg] 25
Dimensions [cm] 20x20x30