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Gender & generation

The Satlantis board, chaired by Cristina Garmendia, has adopted the following Commandments that rule the recruitment policy, the rewarding policy as well as the training policy:

  • Salaries earned by men and women are equal, and exclusively based upon merits, successes and responsibilities.
  • Satlantis publicises the number of men and women that will hold the various responsibilities of the company, including the board positions.
  • Satlantis offers a part time program for employees with parental responsibilities, offering conciliation possibilities with children duties.
  • Satlantis promotes an open blackboard where employees and other stakeholders can publicise initiatives where they may be participating that can practically and positively influence the culture of gender.

Regarding the generation policy:

  • The Company believes in the future that young generations bring to Society. In this respect, the company commits to develop policies and activities to promote opportunities for younger generations.
  • The Satlantis Advanced School (SAS), is a key activity with a budget and management resources devoted to young engineers, scientists and professionals that are at the end of their university period, or at their first steps of company work. In close collaboration with European & American Universities, the company offers a 2 year program of apprenticeship, with rewarded work time, where the participants become knowledgeable in various fields of New Space, and are offered a fixed position in Satlantis at the end of their training period.

Indicators of current 2017 activities:

PRESIDENT Chairwoman
women at board 41.7%
women as executives 33,3%
Persons at SAS 5
Personnel in conciliation 1

Reported activities:

Our chairwoman is member of advisory board for the Foundation “Women for Africa” chaired by the Spanish Queen.

Code of conduct

Satlantis explicitly commits to fully respect the laws regarding human rights and civilian protection, in particular those regarding export licenses to third countries.

Satlantis technological developments are not included under the specific military chapters outlined in the international Wassenaar Arrangement, nor in the US International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR).

Satlantis encompasses the investment of civil public institutions like the regional government of the Basque Country, the local government of the Biscay territory and the Spanish Ministry of Economy through their respective investing vehicles. Their simple presence in the company’s board doubly guarantees the full compliance of this code of conduct.

SATLANTIS Advance School

SATLANTIS has opened the company to university to train the engineers who will work with us in near future. As a result, we regularly have some recently graduate engineers training at University of Florida to set up the base of our company growth. And some of our personnel prepare their doctorate working with us.

SATLANTIS has agreements with University of Florida, University of Basque Country and University of Barcelona

University of Florida

University of Basque Country

University of Barcelona

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